Band to Watch: Royal Teeth

ImageSo my little Texan heart is all aflutter over a great new Southern Alternative band. They are called Royal Teeth and they have a sound as unique and quirkily lovable as their name. 

Their lyrics have all the soul and whimsy of southern spirit with a great 80’s flair (heavy drumbeats and power pop melodies). You may not have heard of the band’s name but you have most likely heard their single Wild (I’ve posted links to videos below!)

The Louisiana band have just been signed to Dangerbird Records (based in LA) and have released a great EP entitled Act Naturally. I am obsessed with their cover of Heartbeats, originally by Swedish alt band The Knife. Their cover is modern and totally worthy of a fist pumping car sing-a-long. 

The 80’s revival is strong and Royal Teeth are doing it right, mixing great passion with fun beats and a sort of depth that is refreshing. So check tim out and I know you won’t regret it! Their EP is great for spring break and a cool mix from the dub-step pop that will be flooding spring break…

Royal Teeth- Heartbeats Cover

Royal Teeth- Wild


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