Artist to Watch: BoyEpic

Texas has always been known for producing great young talent and that fact is proven again by pop artist Boy Epic. Epic is a fresh new face in North Texas music that is quickly gaining recognition by fans and critics alike. boyepic

Up for the Macy’s I Heart Radio Rising Star Contest, Epic has a sound reminiscent of The White Tie Affair and Metro Station in their best moments. His music is perfect for summer and definitely on my spring cleaning mix, meaning it can make the most daunting tasks less painful.

Great lyrics, catchy hooks and a perfectly balanced bass line make Boy Epic a perfect storm for great pop music. Rick Florino of said ” A pop revolution is brewing in Dallas, Texas.  Its leader is Boy Epic.”  He has that instant appeal that I haven’t found in a local artist in a while, reminiscent of Play Radio Play! and I am all set for a new spring obsession.

If you are an avid YouTube watcher as I am than you might recognize Epic and his even more epic hair, from the Taco Bell cool ranch Doritos Loco taco commercials. His loyalty to his fans and consistent Twitter and Facebook interaction (and creative use of Photoshop  has gained him fans nationwide, and I don’t think that anyone would be disappointed if they checked out his music.

Boy Epic’s tracks “Too Young to Love” and “Walk My Way” are available to listen at his Facebook page


And are also now available on iTunes! (I actually paid for them which should be saying something!)

So if you need some more excuses to procrastinate on Friday before that 5:00 bell rings, check out Boy Epic and vote for him at!



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