Loving When Something Unexpected Comes Along to Clear Your Mind

I recently came upon this video of Lana Wachowski accepting the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign (one of THE most amazing organizations I know). And, listening to her speak about growing up and finding the courage to do what she wanted to do and be who she knew she could be was really inspiring to me.

Since, moving back home after college graduation I felt utterly and completely lost. I was shattered when I received my denial from the NAVY and it took a while to pick up the pieces. I have wanted to be in music and to write since I could hold a pen and over the past few years, I gradually begin to lose my way.

From the death of my mother, the ever changing pace of being in an unfamiliar city, making friends, losing friends, and all of the drama and change that comes with living life I lost sight of many of the amazing things that I discovered about myself. College helped me to grow and build and identity but the last year of college and the year after graduation completely fogged the vision I thought was so clear. I realized that I have to re-assess what is important to me and decide what I want, who I want to be… something that every person has to do a few times in their lifetime.

This speech reminded me of the support that I had forgotten and the friends that I thought were lost because I had moved to such a secluded environment. It reminded me of my own memories of overcoming injustice and my desire to fight for equality and most of all the burning desire to get back to what I love: writing. Because doing what you love the most is when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and when you can get lost in your true identity, shedding all judgments that can be such a heavy weight in day to day life.

She also reminded me that we can’t be ruled by our fear, fear of failure or embarrassment, and fear of doing something we must simply because we would rather not. So I thought I would share.  Peace be with you guys and dolls!


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