The Rules of Engagement

The boundaries and rules of the girl code are completely lost on me. And I think when you live in a small community they can be lost on a lot of people. In college, being part of the Greek system and the same hundred or so people being in the same organizations, give or take a few, it became damn near impossible to meet someone that had yet to date someone I knew or keep from falling for an ex of one of my friends.

Emotions grow when you are shoved in tightly confined spaces/ environments.


But, as I am back in my hometown and I am running into a lot of old acquaintances. I find myself talking to guys I never would have glanced at in the past. It begs a second glance at my standards and why they have changed from who I use to be. Am I so desperate for male attention that I would go back to high school leftovers?!?!


Answer: Apparently. The pond is small in the south… Lord help me.   

Advice is welcomed…


One thought on “The Rules of Engagement

  1. You are saying what I think every time I go home! It sucks.

    My school is a small campus and community compared to some. I literally see at least 20 people 5 times a day in passing. Some people I’ve spent most of my college career in the same classes with them. Dating is slim pickings because you either know them too well or they’ve dated someone you know.

    Then I go home and all the sudden there are guys from high school and I’m like why not? I mean it’s only for this break. I am going back to college. But then you go ahead and do whatever and it sinks in. WHY DID I EVEN GO BACK?!?!?

    I am going to have to write a post about this. Hope you don’t mind.

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