Let’s Face It Women, Even After All This Time We Are Born Losers.

il_340x270.419270049_k587As a feminist, there is no level to merit the disgust invoked in me by the Christa Dias situation. For those of you who haven’t heard Christa Dias, was a teacher employed by a Catholic school as a teacher. She was promptly fired for being “single and pregnant” after asking about maternity leave 5 ½ months into her pregnancy. Representatives of the church are now claiming her firing was due to the WAY in which she got pregnant (artificial insemination).

The rep for the arch dieses that enacted her termination stated that ALL employees are under contract to adhere to the principals of the Catholic Church as a condition of their employment.Excuse me?!?!?! The last time I checked The Church was strictly against abortion… So a woman who is raped and abused and becomes impregnated is forced to carry a reminder of that trauma for nine months at the least, more if she keeps the child… AND NOW, A woman is also to feel ashamed because she refuses to lower her standards and marry any old bloke off the street because she is ready to have a baby. Christa, at 31 yrs old, decided she was ready to have a baby. With her experience as a teacher, I think she was more than qualified and hell, we need some more babies to support social security lol!

I just do not understand how we are supposed to be proud to be a woman in the spheres of religion. It seems like faith is constantly pushing us down when we are an amazingly capable chunk of the population. This issue also begs the question of out-of-wedlock conception. If a man had impregnated her the “old fashioned way,” would she still have been fired? Or what if she had adopted? What if her husband had shagged the secretary and left her with the baby? Would she be criticized for being a strong and independent woman fully capable of having a fulfilled life then?

gloria steinemHonestly I feel that this is such a masculine issue. The men are offended because we don’t need to cater and bow down to them in order to reproduce. Yes, it is amazing and wonderful to make a baby and share in a pregnancy with a life partner, no matter what the sex, but if someone is in a stable point in their life and ready to pass on the lessons they have learned and build a piece of a legacy in a child, WHO IN THE HELL, makes that your call. If there is a God I cannot imagine that he would disapprove in any way of Christa’s brave decision. And it is a brave decision to raise a child alone FYI. I only see disappointment falling on those who judge and those who discard the lessons of Christianity, which is tolerance, and acceptance. I feel like I read somewhere that we were ALL God’s children… How can you throw your sister out on the street to raise a child with no job?! That is soooo holy….


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