Short Story Time! Subway Goddess

I have been inexcusably busy and haven’t had time to post anything new! Super apologies for that! But as I am getting into writing micro fiction again, here is the very first piece I wrote. I think the ending may change but I am still pretty proud!



Subway Goddess

The screeching of metal filled the tunnel as the L train came to a stop at the subway station. Eugene Brown picked up the brown leather briefcase and beige trench coat that rested at his side. He walked to the line at the train and stepped on. Instinctively, he went to a seat in the corner on the right side as he always did another mundane task in his monotonous life.  Eugene nervously ran his palm through his brown hair. The highlight of his mornings was this subway ride. She was here today, as always. The goddess of his fantasies sat down in front of him. She was wearing his favorite white cotton summer dress with the spaghetti straps and white floral embroidery… she completely captivated a New York summer.

She lazily fanned herself with a music flyer while staring around the subway car. A small bead of sweat glimmered as it rolled happily down her long neck.  Her thick wavy chocolate hair was wrapped in a twist and held there by a number two pencil that had been severely gnawed on.  She was gorgeous. The strap of her dress slipped off of her left shoulder and in that moment Eugene’s senses ran wild. His blood rushed with excitement, the hair on his arms stood on end, his palms began to sweat and his mouth watered. He wanted this girl, no she was a woman. He craved her touch; he wanted to run his hands along every curvature of her body. Eugene was hungry for her like he had never been for anything else in this world, he wanted to taste her, love her know her. He could have taken her on this very subway without a care if she would only notice him. Her pale blue eyes burned into him; made him a new man in one glance. Her glorious lips turned up into a smile as she caught him staring and when she rose he stared in awe, watching her hips sway slowly out the doors. Oh how he would kill to be the cause of making those hips sway like that!

He would be the cause. Today was a new day.  He was going to ask her out, and she was surely going to say yes. She made him feel invincible. Eugene flung out of his chair and up towards the double doors only to have the metal shut in his face seconds before he could squeeze through. Disappointment washed over him. Tomorrow was another day…


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