A rare unicorn sighting.


Noah Colette

A girlfriend once shared the sweetest story with me.  It was about a unicorn.  This moment she shared happened during her years of living in the city of New Orleans.  Though I have never been myself, (my only frame of reference being the black and white movie, A Streetcar Named Desire, which I have seen many, many times.) , she prefaced herself by telling me that this story portrayed her city perfectly.  She went on to recount a conversation her husband overheard while pushing their son on a swing in the local park.  As a unicorned woman rode by on her bike, a father said to his own child, “Look! It’s a unicorn!”

The father did not call her a woman dressed as a unicorn.  Neither did he comment on how strange she was to be dressed as a unicorn. Rather, this father shared a rare unicorn sighting with his…

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