How To Be A Woman

TIM11T1GM001_cover.inddSo I am reading this amazingly funny feminist book called “How To Be a Woman” by the genius and gorgeous journalist Caitlin Moran. She’s cool, funky, funny, a feminist AND she’s British…i.e., I fuckin’ love the chick!

Any-who I was reading in the break room of my part-time job last night and when a girl showed interest I excitedly began to share. She interrupted me after the title,

“Wait, ‘How To Be a Woman?’ Don’t you kinda already know how to do that?” she said with a grin. I told her it was a comedy about feminism and being a woman in modern society, social mores and all that jazz…

But I later realized that I am not sure if I really know HOW to be a woman. Its far more intricate than how to be human…how to be a man… And when you add in how to be a feminist, socially conscious-but still somehow sexy, rebellious but still appealing to men woman I am totally lost. SO many of my beliefs are contradictory. A great example is: I believe in waiting to have sex until it is with someone you love, but I don’t believe in God…

So as I read the book I am going to post a few questions on here…. And see what you guys think…

Today’s: What do you think it means to be a woman. really?


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