HTBAW: The Lady Bits…

Alright so the greatest point I can’t stop thinking about is how many women actually have a vagina… (also I just found out that the plural for vagina is vaginae and not vaginas…wtfknew?!?!)

Most women have a name for it, ANY name for it but the “V” word. Some women just don’t enjoy saying it and some have traditional family names that are just habit, but whatever the reason we all have a different name.

caitlin-moran-how-to-be-a-womanCaitlin Moran is balls to the wall, or vag to the wall?… and uses the old strong term Cunt. I love her reason for using it. The word is strong and powerful, THE most powerful of the curse words. You don’t mess with cunt! And if I remember correctly it used to be the term to mean a goddess so fuck yeah!

But this is not really appropriate for the modern southern belle. However, I don’t think that I have ever had a specific name for mine except Vagina. Maybe its a testament to my blunt, straight forward style… Or a worrying comment on my creativity -_- Whatever the reason… its always been vagina. I think my mother didn’t use any words at all, she would just awkwardly point. So maybe that is why I never came up with something…

But what’s your story? What name do you use and how did you get it? Let’s swap stories ladies!…and men if you’ve got one! (a story/name not a vagina…)


One thought on “HTBAW: The Lady Bits…

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