#1 What is Feminism to You? (HTBAW)

As my regular readers know, I have been submersing myself in feminism via comedian, writer, journalist, Caitlin Moran and her book “How To Be A Woman”… This week I am attempting to approach the issue of feminism and I have been asking the women and men in my circles about their opinions. More specifically: Are you a feminist, why or why not? What is your personal definition of feminism?

First International Symposium on Chinese Women...

First International Symposium on Chinese Women and Their Network Capital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got some very interesting responses and I am going to write about them, but the biggest thing that I noticed is that some people don’t even want to address the issue. There are a lot of women who think that we should be done fighting for equal rights, a lot of women who think that these issues don’t pertain to them, and a lot of women who just haven’t felt the need to be interested or do the research.

Now two important things I have to remind myself, is that I am an overly passionate person. I get really attached to issues and basic rights for all. I took a vow not to get married until gay marriage was legalized and that caused a lot of comments in my family who “don’t understand why it’s my problem.” As someone who has been victim to racial discrimination and gender discrimination and a few other isms… I have a deeply engrained belief in equality. So I promise that I will TRY not to get preachy.

Secondly defining feminism is one of THE hardest terms to describe.  You have to understand how people understand feminism in order to see their perspective. And I hope to help one or two people see that it isn’t the negative and bitter movement that many think.


Salvor-8-mars-2006-dubliners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I will be doing this series of blogs and I genuinely hope for lots of comments for and against, whatever your belief! I mainly want to have an open forum for women and men so that maybe we can all get on a common ground. Communication is a powerful thing.

The first thing that I want to address, however, is that I, personally, think that this is an important issue. Even for those who think that the movement of feminism is no longer valuable, there needs to be an acknowledgement that it is part of a woman’s heritage. Our history is a piece of what defines us and shapes the life we are able to lead today, and I take pride in that as a woman.

Feminism needs to be discussed. It is important because equal rights are important and women are not totally equal.

I would like to ask everyone MEN AND WOMEN to answer the following. Are you a feminist? Why or why not? How do you define feminism?  It can be as short or long as you would like. Keep it kind please.


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