My body is amazing.

My body is amazing..

Body Image is one of the biggest issues that women and men face. It is something that many never grow out of. When I was nine years old my aunt told me that I had better get a nose job if I was going to be famous, admittedly I have grown a larger head to compensate for my very ethnic nasal cavity, but I have struggled to like my face since then. Yearning for it to look more like my white, mothers with her beautiful hazel eyes and more clearly visible cheekbones.

I stared into my too round eyes that were divided by my thick nose and yearned for the day I could get someone to disfigure my heritage to feel more “pretty.” Some days I still think I will…

But everyday I try to remind myself that this is who I am: Beautiful and unique. Some days I win the battle and some days I lose but I keep fighting to love myself every day.

I will never be white enough or black enough, skinny enough or sexy enough. My boobs are too big my hips too narrow, my ass is big, I have no ass, I have heard it, and much worse BELIEVED it all before…

I am gorgeous and so are you.


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