Proving That Equality IS Possible In My Lifetime…

equality lasersSo today is an epic day! And finally an appropriate occasion to correctly use the terms “epic” and “amazing.”  I am in a psychadelic state of joyful shock and technicolor bliss! Actually its kind of overcast and depressing outside but I will not let that get me down people!! NO SIR-EE BOB!

Though we may have many more steps to go until full equality, and thousands, millions more people who will no doubt still be in need- a human rights activist’s work is never done- women and same sex couples were given acknowledgement today, that they had rights.


Finally, DOMA was ruled unconstitutional in California this morning and it was acknowledged that same sex couples deserved rights to benefits that male/female couples already enjoy. Anthony Romero of the American Civil Liberties Union said that they will continue to fight on a state level. The ACLU will continue to proposition amendment by amendment until “gay” same sex marriage is completely legal.

And on a more local and equally personal note, Senator Wendy Davis went to battle against David Dewhurst to protect women’s right to their bodies in staying a bill to nearly outlaw abortion.  The bill, known as SB 5, would ban abortions after 20 weeks and mandate that doctors have hospital admitting privileges, among other things. Davis’s marathon filibuster filed on Tuesday created a rousing amount of support and “chaos” for the republican bill so that time ran out on Wednesday before it could be passed. “An unruly mob, using Occupy Wall Street tactics, disrupted the Senate from protecting unborn babies,” Dewhurst said, according to the Austin American-Statesmanwhat-is-equalityIn fact, a few of the supporting Republican reps seemed to blame the public response for the bill not passing.  I feel I cannot be the only one who sees the irony in that. Have we reached a time when even our state representatives feel that they know what is best for Texas women better than Texas WOMEN?!?!?! I mean, the public showed up to stay the bill, maybe that means they don’t want the bloody bill passed!!! Comprende?

In both cases liberty, basic rights have been acknowledged, however begrudgingly and it has given me a renewed sense of faith as I try and dig my way out of a pretty dark place in my life.

Now if we could only tackle this whole Paula Deen matter in such an efficient way, this week would be a smashing success for the record books. Accomplishment!” shall be my motto!

Feel free to comment and post your perspectives below. I love dialogue folks! Sharing our perspectives respectively, i.e. communication, is always a great pathway to understanding and acceptance, equality and education.


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