Clouds In The Sky, But Not In My View…

losingIt’s a bit cloudy today in The South, which thank goodness because it is our sixth day without A/C! Like most people, I always do my best “deep thinking” on these kinds of days. And I wanted to clear my thoughts about self-image.

For anyone following my fitness page, Moore Fitness you will know that I have been dealing a lot with getting healthy and fit VS getting skinny. Now my reason for finally committing: mind, body, and soul, are a bit extreme because I am prepping for active duty. BUT I still have those issues where I compare myself and my progress to others.

25825397833119184_bgyyMrZQ_bI think that this all has to do with self-image. No matter WHAT size you are, you have to tell yourself, everyday that you are beautiful. You cannot compare yourself to other people because you will never be them. You may be as fit, less fit, or more but you will never be what you see because that isn’t truly reality. You are looking through windows of judgment only it is judgment towards yourself so it often goes unnoticed.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror change it. I am constantly changing my hair or make-up or the style of clothes I wear to hide this or that. And for a while it worked.

But then I realized that I could just be healthy and then I would have anything TO hide. I could just focus on being happy and doing things that I couldn’t do before like running Race For The Cure instead of walk/jogging it every year.

I know these seem like small little things, but they make a huge difference. A few weeks ago, before I started working towards this fitness goal I would have been even more negative about myself when really I only need a few kick starts to hit my avalanche to fitness, I don’t have much to lose… But today I posted my first BEFORE pictures and all those negative thoughts came flooding back. I had to stop myself and say “Hey,” you weren’t that bad and you have already made a few leaps and bounds that you never would have before. And THAT girl is beautiful because she has the same crazy wonderful mind and creative talent as the girl you are becoming…decide1

So push away the negative thoughts and reel in some motivation. There is sun behind those clouds and the winds of change only need you…


Café Writing: Bestowment

I constantly ask myself whether I would be making my mother proud, almost every day since she passed three years ago this August. And I can finally say that I think she would be. I am a writer, and fitness coach, and I have my head pointed to the stars…

Motivation + Determination = Success

Motivation + Determination = Success

I am in day three of working out with Les Mills COMBAT and those European martial arts Adonis trainers have been kicking my butt! But I always have a few pics in a file to keep me looking ahead. NO to all the negativity and YES to the future fitter me.

Letters to my Daughters #1

Letters to my Daughters #1. Gorgeous letter from a father about dealing with the choice of faith. I think that as a child, religion and faith, in the right church, teaches values and the importance of history and where we come from.

Religion is great for children to learn morals. As long as the church doesn’t hinder open mindedness and doesn’t teach hate or judgment.

But there does come a time when children need to realize there are options in faith and various paths. It is an individual choice, spirituality and it is very hard to accept that you have a choice and there isn’t only one right decision. Southern upbringing complicates that because we hold our traditions like iron chains. Sometimes that is nice and comforting and sometimes it can be dangerous…

HBAW #3 Why Women are Obsessed with L.O.V.E.

women-are-crazy bpSo I have always felt a bit certifiable for the thoughts that run through my head. I constantly am worried about my chronic single status. I am constantly under sefl-imposed pressure to be on the lookout for a potential partner in every man that seems to appear in my line of vision.  Even men who I stop next to at a red light!! I know that this is insane theoretically. I can fantasize years of a relationship with a guy after talking to him a few times or going on one date!


And in reality he most likely doesn’t even meet most of my standards. We probably have minimal chemistry and I am just too obsessed and worried that I am unlovable to see the reality of the situation.

Even Ellen knows...

Even Ellen knows…


But why are women so OBSESSED with falling in love? I mean, I think a good chunk of the enigma that is the beautiful Ryan Gosling is due to our projections that he is THE perfect guy. (Duh! It’s because he IS)


We drive ourselves crazy in desperation to find love, to find that one man who will say, three little words that WOMEN through around like free candy.  But that may be another, possibly very long, blog. Women look for love in the eyes of every attractive person they see. The guy at the coffee shop could totally be the one as long as you say the right thing or have on the right top. When in reality he is clearly gay and would look way better in that top than you, and you don’t even like (insert bland descriptor here) guys. Until recently I thought I was the only messed up brain with this fascination of finding a boyfriend. I constantly chastised myself for it, thinking that everyone could clearly hear my own inner monologue of desperate fantasy.