Scared but Ready for Change

newbeginsSo today is the first day of a fitness bootcamp that I signed up for a few weeks ago. In my new leaf of change I decided that I could not keep half assign my goals and expecting that they will come true. It is time to be truly dedicated. Surprisingly enough I see people in the navy gaining weight everyday because we are surrounded by vending machines and food trucks, working twelve hours a day at times with few healthy options. As someone who joined the military struggling to meet the standards I am always afraid of falling below the mark.

But on the other hand I never seem to be able to stick with a fitness plan. Once you skip a workout or two it becomes easier and easier to skip a few more until you look back and realized that you haven’t been down to gym in over a month. I am tired of giving up, tired of making excuses and ready to what it takes to get my confidence back. I know how latermuch better I feel when my life is active and filled with good choices and so I am making a more conscious effort to make more healthy ways   to spend my time and fuel my body and mind.

So wish me luck friends. Im so fucking scared of looking like a joke in front of these beautiful Cali health nuts! haha But so excited because these guys will get me to my goal: a happier healthier life….


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