Artist to Watch: BoyEpic

Texas has always been known for producing great young talent and that fact is proven again by pop artist Boy Epic. Epic is a fresh new face in North Texas music that is quickly gaining recognition by fans and critics alike. boyepic

Up for the Macy’s I Heart Radio Rising Star Contest, Epic has a sound reminiscent of The White Tie Affair and Metro Station in their best moments. His music is perfect for summer and definitely on my spring cleaning mix, meaning it can make the most daunting tasks less painful.

Great lyrics, catchy hooks and a perfectly balanced bass line make Boy Epic a perfect storm for great pop music. Rick Florino of said ” A pop revolution is brewing in Dallas, Texas.  Its leader is Boy Epic.”  He has that instant appeal that I haven’t found in a local artist in a while, reminiscent of Play Radio Play! and I am all set for a new spring obsession.

If you are an avid YouTube watcher as I am than you might recognize Epic and his even more epic hair, from the Taco Bell cool ranch Doritos Loco taco commercials. His loyalty to his fans and consistent Twitter and Facebook interaction (and creative use of Photoshop  has gained him fans nationwide, and I don’t think that anyone would be disappointed if they checked out his music.

Boy Epic’s tracks “Too Young to Love” and “Walk My Way” are available to listen at his Facebook page


And are also now available on iTunes! (I actually paid for them which should be saying something!)

So if you need some more excuses to procrastinate on Friday before that 5:00 bell rings, check out Boy Epic and vote for him at!



Boy Band Mania, Embrace It!

So, if you haven’t noticed already, the Brits and the boy bands are taking over… especially the British Boy Bands! OH THE GUILTY PLEASURE!! haha And since even the glittery-est of us all need a break from Ke$ha occasionally…  this playlist is for my girls, and guys who wanna dance. The bands you have to check out if you haven’t already…

The Wanted. You will probably recognize their hit single “Glad You Came” but check out “War zone” its a fave of mine. They are the Backstreet Boys to One Direction’s N’sync… a little edgier, a little more grown up, but equally pop.

One Direction: not to be confused with Glee’s New Directions this boy band is topping British charts and now they have their sites on America and girls are crying their name in a fashion that could give old N’sync fans a run for our money.

JLS is a great Brit Pop band that’s been around for a few years. Great beats and catchy lyrics will get you up on your feet in not time.

For a Brit take on the Pussycat Dolls check out The Saturdays. LOVE!

Mindless Behavior is a great R&B/ Pop group that is making waves on the web and iTunes.

If you are in the mood for a laugh the boys you cannot help but love and love to hate on are the Oh-So-Innocent twin Irish duo Jedward. As much as I wan to hate their cheesy lyrics and hilarious videos, I cannot. They are the definition of GUILTY pleasure. Sometimes we need a little musical junk food.

And lastly for a great group on the rise check out OMG Girlz they may be young, but their dance moves are going to make waves as well as their songs.

So embrace the guilty pleasures and crank up the speakers before you go out, these bands are guaranteed to get you pumped before hitting the town this weekend!

Band to Watch: Royal Teeth

ImageSo my little Texan heart is all aflutter over a great new Southern Alternative band. They are called Royal Teeth and they have a sound as unique and quirkily lovable as their name. 

Their lyrics have all the soul and whimsy of southern spirit with a great 80’s flair (heavy drumbeats and power pop melodies). You may not have heard of the band’s name but you have most likely heard their single Wild (I’ve posted links to videos below!)

The Louisiana band have just been signed to Dangerbird Records (based in LA) and have released a great EP entitled Act Naturally. I am obsessed with their cover of Heartbeats, originally by Swedish alt band The Knife. Their cover is modern and totally worthy of a fist pumping car sing-a-long. 

The 80’s revival is strong and Royal Teeth are doing it right, mixing great passion with fun beats and a sort of depth that is refreshing. So check tim out and I know you won’t regret it! Their EP is great for spring break and a cool mix from the dub-step pop that will be flooding spring break…

Royal Teeth- Heartbeats Cover

Royal Teeth- Wild

Artist to Watch: Olly Murs


I am sitting in a popular cafe up the street from my house, cheese-ily western themed (like everything else in my small tourist town) and I am surrounded by unruly hyper children. The multitude of the hefty brood is overpowering the authority of their parents and their father’s story of how the children all vanished onto a neighboring ranch a few days ago forces me
to plug in the headphones and power up the tunes.  I truly feel for them, but we all have our problems and today is one of “those” Mondays which we all know and loathe. I can only think of pouring my focus into something else…writing! So here is a new band profile for you, or rather artist profile!

So for my minions who are feeling the pressure and need a little pop to brighten up their metaphorically thunderous day… I prescribe Olly Murs. Also recommended for summer drives with the windows, Saturdays, and alone-in-the-house dance sequences (I know I am not the only one!)

Now some of my closer friends might be sick of hearing about this Brit import but I can’t get enough. Olly Murs was a contestant on the British version of The X Factor in 2009 (also the winner of 10 pounds on Deal or no Deal) and has since gone on to have 3 number one albums and numerous hit singles. Murs has also become a regular guests on BBC entertainment including BBC Radio 1 and quiz shows like Nevermind the Buzzcocks A few of those singles will be appearing on his first American release Right Place Right Time which is due to drop April 16th, 2013. (You can get the deluxe edition for 10.99 on iTunes). As one of my old bandmates like to tease I “may be one of the only people still buying CDs,” but I’ve pre-ordered a copy anyways…Olly has all the great boyish charm of Michael Buble´ with the quirky humor and R&B influence of JT plus great lyrics. I’ve never seen the beau without his signature smile and he always brightens up the day. Olly is also known for toting a fedora and his newest single Army of Two has generated this new promotional poster for US fans (shown left).

I first heard about Olly on the Chris Moyles show a few years ago and the mention of his name has put a smile on my face ever since. Murs’s first American single is entitled Troublemaker feat. Flo Rida and it has begun to generated well earned buzz on radio stations. The upbeat track is a great intro to his catalogue and comes just in time to be a great summer track if enough interest is generated. Olly is the type of artist that makes every girl want to dance on her bed in her pajamas and I sincerely hope he can make it in the American market.